What I dislike about Paris

Bonjour Wayfarers,

Having wandered around in Paris for quite some time now, you start to realize things, notice things.

Things you absolutely love and other things that you without any doubt hate, find disgusting, repel etc. 

Me being a careless person even I was bothered and disgusted by certain things. So I decided to make a list about it.


I shouldn’t be bothered with pigeons, because I live in Amsterdam, so I see them every day of my life. But these pigeons where on a Parisian level. They didn’t even move. I had to walk around them, because who wants die the pigeon disease? Not me. The city of love, many people get married there or take their pictures. So one lovely couple decided to the same until a group of pigeons flew right on them. I laughed to be honest, but the bride screamed her lungs out. Pigeons are gross, I just don’t want to see them near me and in Paris they wrre even on me occasionally.

2. Homeless people

My Parisian home was in the first arrondissement, so yeah right in the heart of Paris. A stone throw away from the Louvre. So of course there were many homeless people scattered around me. Entire families with small children were sitting with blankets begging for money. It was such a heartbreaker. To see how many were on the streets and not in shelters.

At this point I’ll mostly put beautiful pictures.

3. Ohwhat is that smell!?

Paris can stink, well at least where I was. You see with your eyes that your walking in the beautiful streets of Paris. Then you close your eyes and you think that you walk in a sewer. Where there are many homeless people there are also many people who do their business in the streets.

4. Shit happens!

The first day walking around in Paris, I’ve walked in dog poop over ten times, why because it’s scattered around the entire city. It’s gross, please take a bag with you and grab it, throw it away.

5. Certain Parisians

Sorry not sorry, but some were straight up rude and really selfish. I don’t mind if you have no time, but just don’t be rude. Or I met some people who were really superficial and judgemental. Ugh.

There are more things about this city that I dislike, but it’s not really worth mentioning or I loved the city too much to only say the negative stuff. Also really know I love Paris, only these things bothered me and as much as I love Amsterdam, there are also things I hate.

Well that was it for now!

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The most important wanderlust filled wayfaring wayfarer! Ha I called myself important.



19 Comments Add yours

  1. Shane says:

    I only had 48 hours in Paris but I didn’t fall in love loke I expected. I do think these problems can be found in many tourist cities around the world.

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  2. I used to despise Paris, for a whole host of reasons, but now I absolutely love it. While the smell can sometimes be off-putting, it is also distinctly Parisien, and when I get a whiff of it, I feel like I am once again home.

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  3. fashionf0x says:

    Glad I read this – will be visiting Paris next week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. An Outcast Wayfarer says:

      HAVE FUN!, I hope that you won’t be annoyed at those things!

      Liked by 1 person

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