Amsterdammin’+ cycle and walking tips for tourists


Last weekend I ended up cycling through the city. Which I have been doing a lot lately, because cycling is a good cardio exercise (pretending to know anything about exercise,.)

But there are certain things that annoy me so severely and those things are usually done by tourists (I’m so judging you guys) I’m not the type that tars groups of people with the same brush, but I’ve encountered so many people doing the exact same thing. That I feel that I should tar you all really good with that same brush.
You can totally aggravate me if you walk on the bicycle path or if you’re intoxicated and you passed out on it or you cross the path without looking at your right and your left.

I will simply you run you over on my bike, I’m probably the most savage cycler in this world. I will certainly and I’m telling you certainly have zero to no respect for you if you do something like that.

Now you probably think: “But we’re tourist excited to be in a foreign city and we’re not familiar with every rule”(actually had someone telling me that) so I responded in Italics “No, that’s ignorant, you know that you shouldn’t walk on a bicycle lane and I’m pretty sure that you know that you should look over at your sides before crossing, because I don’t know there could be millions of cyclers run you over.

And it’s you or me, last time there was a girl who was acting funny and she was doing a dare or something and she ended lying down flat on the bike path. I almost flew of my bike because of her and of course I ended up yelling at her her friends. They thought that I would be too afraid to say something, but I wasn’t.

So know I will run you over and break my fall on your body, because I don’t want to fly off my bike on the tram line and die. I don’t want to die on a bicycle, that’s stupid.

Another thing that annoys me is tourist on bikes showing behaviour like this:

  1. Cycling slow (Especially in a rush hour)
  2. Stop in the middle to read your map.
  3. (Not only tourists) but cycling in groups of four or more people next to each other. Just neau, don’t do that.
  4. Driving on the wrong lane. That gets me so angry. 

Just know one thing and that’s, when I’m on the bike I’m always in a hurry even when I’m not and I’m not the only person in the Netherlands who feels the same way. We’re all in a hurry, especially during rush hour. So don’t do these things to annoy us. I will tell you how you should do it next time or whenever you find yourself in Amsterdam or any place with  well-used bike paths

1. If you’re a slow cycler, try to find some need group tours or solo tours, there are several that are easily findable on the internet. Just type in bike tours Amsterdam.

2. Try to avoid cycling during rush hours especially if you’re getting easily intimidated by Dutch cyclers. Rush hours are  around 6.30-9.00 AM and 4.30-6.00 PM

3. If you suddenly get lost and you need your map, don’t stop in the middle of the path, neau, cycle to the nearest sidewalk and take your time there to read your map or to stare into google maps.

4. Your bicycle should also be a no phone zone and sometimes there’s no other way, do try to keep your eyes one the road and not in snapchat. Many people lost their lives due to phones in traffic. I got almost hit by a car, the other day, because the dude was on his phone. It was at a zebra path, so he could’ve hit somebody, I was luckily faster than him. This isn’t only applying on tourists, many natives are as stupid. Sorry, but you’re stupid if you can’t stay of your phone for a few minutes. People gave died unnecessarily, because they spend time on their phones or somebody didn’t see them, because of their phones. So stop being stupid and start being responsible.

5. If you see people, who go your way on the left bike lane and you nearly crush into other bikers going the opposite direction of you on the same lane you’re driving and if you notice that they are throwing certain profanities to your face. Guess what love, It’s time for you to move to the other lane. This one is really logic, so I really don’t know why people keep on doing this.

Also don’t try to copy some of us.

Don’t copy the:

1. People cycling whilst doing other things such as: rolling a joint, combing their hairs, doing homework etc.

2. The ones who drive on the road, just randomly cross the car road, don’t ever copy them.

3. The ones driving without certain bike parts: saddle, steering wheels, bells etc.

Just stay save and don’t die please!

Btw, if your bike breaks don’t panic and go to the side, there will always be somebody who can get your bike fixed and if that isn’t the case, well sorry. I then take my bike in the metro.

Some pictures I took yesterday!

Well that was it for now,

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The outcast wayfarer,
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  1. Loved the way you have approached the issue here. Yes indeed it will be annoying if tourists behave like tourists 🙂 sometimes it gets exasperating. But you have really provided great pointers for anyone who is looking to see Amsterdam through cycling.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. An Outcast Wayfarer says:

      Thanks for reading!


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