3 Amazing dutch places that aren’t called Amsterdam.

Wonderful Wayfarers!!!

It seems that whenever we talk about travelling to the Netherlands, we actually talk about travelling to Amsterdam.

And I get that perfectly, Amsterdam is an amazing place. For all kinds of people. The people who love to succumb in its rich history and culture, people who completely love food, the ones who love to be entertained,people who love to be outdoors, the love is love kind of person, the party hard people with happy pills and trippy leaves etc.

The small city offers it all, but the the small city isn’t the whole Netherlands. The Netherlands has many crazy and extraordinary places. So I will take you on a trip to the ones that enchants me the most.

1. Giethoorn

Once in Amsterdam a tourist told me: “I totally love your city it reminds me of Venice, the one in Italy!” I accepted that I was ready to move one and leave it until…

“Amsterdam is the Venice of the Netherlands without a doubt!” I then thought by myself, no man that’s ignorant and let me stop you before you say. Ugh, you make a deal out of nothing, the dude meant due to the many cana-. No. You guys aren’t familiar yet with Giethoorn.

Known as the small Venice, this village only has one bicycle path(which is sick for a dutch place, My street only touches four bicycle paths. And one regular path, citizens of Giethoorn move around with cute little boats and bridges that connect the many canals.

This is what I call the Venice of the North, sorry Amsterdam you lost this round. It’s somewhere in The province Overijssel. Oh my Gosh, another Province that isn’t North Holland. WOW HOLD ON I’M GOING TO TO TO FAST. HOLLAND ISN’T THE NETHERLANDS, BUT IT’S A PROVINCE?. All this knowledge is too much for me to process.

Okay, don’t hate me.


Also known as the little white city, (het witte stadje) Thorn is a little city in limburg, which is another province.

ANOTHER PROVINCE, Jeez and we called the Netherlands Holland which is two provinces, (that can’t be okay legitimate English) poor other 10 provinces that nobody give a shit about!

Should I censor that?

Well, the history behind the white painted houses is:

The history of Thorn dates back to the late 10th century. In the course of time, Thorn developed into a miniature principality with its own jurisprudence and currency. In 1794, the aristocrats fled with the arrival of the French. The French claimed a tax based on the size of the windows, which the poor population, often living in large houses formerly belonging to wealthy people, could not afford. So they bricked up many windows and tried to cover up their poverty by whitewashing their houses. – source: http://www.holland.com/global/tourism/article/the-white-village-of-thorn.htm


This is probably the most educational blog I’ve written, but it’s time for a little bit of GEOGRAPHY. The netherlands has about 5 islands and some sandy plates in the Northern sea. These islands are called the wadden islands. The biggest and most populated is called: Texel. 

Texel is a 20 min pont ride away from den helder, which’s an hour or less (not entirely sure) away from Amsterdam.

I love cycling and with the long distances and amazing cycle paths Texel truly became one of my favourite places in the Netherlands!

Texel has seven villages and my favourite one is Den Burg, which is the closest place like Amsterdam on the island!

I really love crowdy places. No let me rephrase it, I prefer crowdy places over nearly abandoned places.


It is one of the last large tidal flat regions in the world, the Wadden Sea. The immense sea extends through three countries, from the Dutch Den Helder to the Danish Esbjerg. The Wadden Sea is unique. The plants and animals that live here are true diehards – they must cope with a Wadden Sea that is constantly changing between high and low tide. At one moment you see extensive mudflats while at another moment everything is under water. The weather is often rugged and difficult to predict. If you want to survive in this environment, then you must adapt. No wonder that the plants and animals living in and around the Wadden Sea are so extraordinary. -the encyclopedia of the english version of the Dutch website Ecomare.

Well that was it for now,
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  1. Oh my goodness, I SO want to visit Giethoorn. It just looks so quaint and charming! Thanks for sharing and happy travels 🙂


  2. thepieceoflife says:

    Thanks for this! Living near a big city, I fully understand what you mean by this. Tourist saying Amsterdam is the Venice of the Netherlands, didn’t came further than Amsterdam and maybe Rotterdam and Delft. Texel is one of the most beautiful places of the Netherlands, although all the ‘wadden islands’ are underappreciated by tourist. Maybe we should just hold it this way and lett them visit the big city’s 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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